Convincing Reasons To Pay For A Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Planning a wedding typically means paying for an array of vendors. Not only do you have to pay for the cake, but you also have to locate vendors to provide you with catering services, tents, d├ęcor, and more. Moreover, you also have to hire a DJ and a photographer so you and your guests can have a great time and have it captured on camera. So when it comes to wedding photo booth rentals, you could be thinking that this would be an unnecessary expense, but you would be mistaken. [Read More]

5 Important Things You Will Learn In An Outdoor Photography Workshop

What is there not to love about great outdoor photographs? From weddings by an ocean to breathtaking landscape photos of outdoor scenery, outdoor photos always grab attention. Participating in an outdoor photography workshop will help you learn all the important tips for capturing your own picture-perfect outdoor photos. 1. The best time to take outdoor photos Often referred to as the magic hours for great outdoor photography, you will learn how the hour after dawn and the hour prior to dusk can help you capture some of your greatest photos. [Read More]

3 Tips For Making Your Newborn Photography Session A Success

If you have a baby on the way or just gave birth to a new member of the family, then you may be excited for that upcoming session with a newborn photographer. Babies grow so fast that you will likely look back on these photos just a few months or years from now and appreciate the fact that you captured so many fond memories of your baby shortly after birth.  [Read More]

Benefits of Landscape Wall Art for a Nursery

As you start preparing for the arrival of your new baby, one of the biggest projects you will want to take on is the creation of the nursery. A newborn's nursery includes several decorative elements like wall art, room color, furniture choice, and much more. Instead of choosing a piece of art aimed at children, consider the display of landscape wall art.  Landscape art designs with settings across the globe often feature timeless quality, and new parents can find a lot of benefits when hanging the art in a nursery. [Read More]