Benefits of Landscape Wall Art for a Nursery

As you start preparing for the arrival of your new baby, one of the biggest projects you will want to take on is the creation of the nursery. A newborn's nursery includes several decorative elements like wall art, room color, furniture choice, and much more. Instead of choosing a piece of art aimed at children, consider the display of landscape wall art. 

Landscape art designs with settings across the globe often feature timeless quality, and new parents can find a lot of benefits when hanging the art in a nursery.

Visual Stimulation

While newborns do have clear vision in their first months of life, bold colors and designs can help with their eyesight development. As you carry your baby, rock them, and soothe them, a large piece of landscape wall décor can help stimulate their vision.

Colors like red and white are the most recommended for a baby. You could also choose to hang a different piece of landscape art on each side of a wall to provide visuals in every direction your child looks. 


Telling children stories at any age is an ideal way to build vocabulary and language. Landscape art provides a great visual for storytelling. For example, if you have a landscape image of a sprawling desert, then you could tell stories about a desert lizard, a lonely cactus, or a fun cowboy story.

The pictures can better help you describe the settings and be able to help your child explore their five senses. You can detail the sights, sounds, and touch elements. The story process works for any form of landscape art. This includes snowy mountains, island beaches, or lush forests. See how many different stories you can come up with and tell your baby.

Nightlight Alternatives

If you want a nightlight in the nursery, consider replacing a standard nightlight with landscape art accent lights. The accent lights are typically installed directly underneath a piece of artwork. The beams of light shine up and illuminate the art. Any time you have to go to the nursery at night, you can enjoy the visual yourself. The soft lights usually provide just enough illumination without disturbing a baby's sleep or making the room too bright. You can play around with different light setups and bulbs to create an ideal setup for the space. Many lights include battery options too, so you do not need to run wires or find plugs for the lights.

Shop around for landscape wall art, for example, art found at david ifrah photo, to find inspiration for the nursery. You could find pieces to match color schemes or themes displayed in the room.